Mediation and Negotiation Training

MEDIATION, INC. has been a premier provider of mediation training services since 1994 and has trained over 2000 lawyers, business people and other professionals. Its principal trainer, J. Anderson Little, chaired the effort to implement mediation in the NC court system in the early 90's and assisted in training the first mediators in the state, developed advanced techniques for mediating commercial and personal injury claims, and later chaired the Dispute Resolution Commission which is the body that regulates mediators and mediator training programs in North Carolina.

Our students have come from Key West and New York, Ohio and Bangkok, Thailand, as well as from North Carolina. They have been lawyers, doctors, insurance claims representatives, CEOs of major companies, bankers, therapists, and professionals of all kinds. Some want to become certified and practice as mediators; others simply want a broader understanding of the mediation or negotiation process to provide their clients with improved representation.

Mediation, Inc. has been selected by the Seniors Division of the ABA to conduct forty hour civil trial court trainings and advanced trainings. We have also been selected by the NC Board of Realtors to provide training to realtors of North Carolina who mediate local real estate commission disputes. Our family and divorce trainings are also approved by the Association for Conflict Resolution for members who wish to become Advanced Practitioners of the family section.

Our course offerings include:
• Civil Trial/ Superior Court Training (40 hour prerequisite to certification).

• Family Financial/ Divorce Training (40 hour prerequisite to certification).

• 16 hour Supplemental Courses for Superior and Family Financial (To establish dual certification).

• 6 Hour introduction to North Carolina's courts, civil procedure and legal terminology (Designed for prospective non-lawyer mediators).

• Advanced Mediation Seminar: “Mediating Insured Claims and Other Monetary Disputes” (Based on Mr. Little’s book, Making Money Talk).

• Advanced Negotiation Seminar: “Don’t Leave Money on the Table!”

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Mediation Services

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MEDIATION, INC. was founded in 1991 by the first certified mediators in the State of North Carolina and was the first firm in North Carolina formed specifically to offer mediation services to the business and legal communities and to families going through divorce.

Members of the firm are certified by the NC Dispute Resolution Commission to conduct mediated settlement conferences in the State and Federal courts of North Carolina. Firm members have conducted over 10,000 mediations since mediation was introduced to the courts in 1992. Law firms, businesses, and other professional firms now seek the services of Mediation, Inc. to help them resolve business and commercial disputes without having to resort to litigation. Divorcing couples and their attorneys utilize the services of Mediation, Inc. to resolve the financial issues involved in the dissolution of their marriages and to help constructively reconstitute their families.

Andy Little, president of the firm, led the efforts of the North Carolina Bar Association to implement mediation into the courts of North Carolina. He served as the first chair of the NC Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Section. He also served three terms as a member of the NC Dispute Resolution Commission, the body which certifies and regulates certified mediators in the court system and was the Commission’s chair by appointment of the Chief Justice of the NC Supreme Court.

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