The Multi-Door Courthouse Has Finally Arrived: New Settlement Procedures are Now Available in Superior Court

By J. Anderson Little

In 1983, a Task Force on Dispute Resolution was created by North Carolina Bar Association President Charles L. Fulton of Raleigh. The Task Force “set out to explore and propose new and promising alternative methods of dispute…

Mediated Settlement Conferences in North Carolina

By J. Anderson Little

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been asked to introduce to you the Rules and Statutes governing Mediated Settlement Conferences in North Carolina. There are new developments in our civil procedure which may become common place in the…

Mediation: A New Way of Working

By Thorns Craven

Mediation and mediators are featured in the news almost daily. Mediators are dispatched to the Middle East and other trouble spots around the world to assist battling nations. Mediators are called in to help negotiate labor disputes between…

Confessions of a Lawyer-Mediator

By J. Anderson Little

Once upon a time—before the advent of mediated settlement conferences—I was a trial lawyer. Not a great one mind you, but busy nevertheless. For seventeen years, I handled all kinds of trials: commercial, property, construction, personal injury,…

Mediated Settlement Conferences: Solving Problems for Trial Lawyers

By J. Anderson Little

Trial lawyers love to try lawsuits —but only if they cannot be settled within a reasonable range of potential jury verdicts. Trial lawyers would prefer to settle those cases which have potential for pre-trial resolution.

This may come…

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