Supplemental Family & Divorce Mediation Training

Many Superior Court mediators wish to be certified in both the Superior Court and Family Financial mediation programs. While we recommend that you take the full course for your second certification, it is possible under Rule 8 of the Family Financial Mediation Program Rules to be certified in that program by completing a 16-hour Supplemental Family Financial training.

The catch is that no one offers the 16-hour course. So we have obtained a ruling from the DRC that the last three days of our 40-Hour Family Financial training may substitute for the required 16-hour course. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that not everyone who is a certified Superior Court mediator will qualify as a Family Financial mediator. The Family Financial Mediation Program has its own rules ( Rule 8 ) with regard to certification eligibility. If you meet those, the 16-hour training will then be adequate for the training component of certification. If you don’t meet the eligibility requirements, then the 16-hour training is of no use to you for certification purposes.

If you don’t meet the eligibility requirements yet, and would like to do so, then you might consider becoming eligible by meeting the requirements for an Advanced Practitioner of the national organization known as the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR). But to gain that status, you must first take a 40-hour training. This 16 hour supplemental course does not help you with that requirement.

So we recommend that you review the eligibility requirements for the Family Financial Mediation Program Rule 8 & DRC FAQs and, if you meet those, then call us for information about an upcoming training.

Note: Shannon Manoogian in our office will help you navigate your way through the often difficult path to dual certification. Please note, however, that many of the questions you may have about certification are questions that only the staff of the Dispute Resolution Commission can answer. So, please read the rules and FAQs on the Commission’s website and contact the staff there if you have questions about eligibility for certification.

To join us at our upcoming training, call Shannon Manoogian at 1-888-842-6157.