Advanced Negotiation Training – “Don’t Leave Money on the Table!”

Half the people who take mediation training these days do so because they want to learn how to represent their clients better in mediation. They take the five-day mediation training in order to be better negotiators. Guess what? It works! They become better negotiators by learning how to be mediators. Here’s why.

Learning how to be a good mediator is not about telling people what their case is worth and how they ought to settle their claim. It’s about facilitating the parties’ own understanding and evaluation of the case and assisting them in forming well-reasoned and realistic settlement proposals. Mediators learn about negotiation in order to help others avoid the perils and pitfalls inherent in the negotiation process.

We all know something about negotiation. We negotiate every day of our lives. Some of us, lawyers and insurance claims representatives to name a few, negotiate for a living. But how many of us have ever had any real training in the art and science of negotiation? Until recently, there wasn’t a law school in the country that offered a course in negotiation theory and practice. Well, that has changed.

There is a lot of literature available now that can be applied in both theory and practice to the every-day work of the practicing lawyer, claims representative, banker, CEO, contract negotiator, real estate agent and ordinary businessperson. MEDIATION, INC. is pleased to offer this Advanced Negotiation Seminar in a one-day format to people who are serious about their work as negotiators but who may never have had the opportunity to formally study the subject.

I’ve distilled my 29 years of experience as mediator in thousands of mediations and many more years of experience as a litigator to bring you a program filled with practical advice and theoretical soundness. You will come away with great confidence in how you prepare for and conduct negotiations in settlement discussions, whether facilitated by a mediator or conducted by the parties themselves. And, as a bonus, the seminar will be engaging, fun, interactive, and informative.

Join me and other professionals who take their negotiations seriously and become an expert negotiator, one who doesn’t worry that s/he’s leaving money on the table.