Making Money Talk: A Negotiation and Mediation Resource for Lawyers, Mediators and Insurance Claims Professionals

Making Money Talk by Andy LittleThe American Bar Association has published a book by well-known mediator and mediation trainer, Andy Little. Making Money Talk: How to Mediate Insured Claims and Other Monetary Disputes is the first book in the literature of mediation to thoroughly explore the problems of traditional bargaining that occur in the settlement of civil litigation.

At last, there is teaching material available that directly applies to lawyers, insurance agents and mediators alike who mediate and negotiate the settlement of civil litigation. Court ordered mediation is growing in the United States and, as it does, the need to understand the dynamics of negotiations about money grows as well.

This book is a must for civil trial mediators. It contains proven techniques to use when money negotiations predictably bog down and the parties are ready to throw up their hands and quit. Andy Little has found predictable patterns of behavior in the over 6,000 civil court trial mediations he has mediated over the past 28 years and he has developed proven techniques that have assisted him and the hundreds of mediators he has trained.

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