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Mediation and Arbitration Services Overview

MEDIATION, INC. was founded in 1991 by the first three certified mediators in the State of North Carolina to provide mediation services to individuals, businesses and divorcing families involved in civil litigation in the courts of North Carolina.

As mediation has become better known as an effective dispute resolution process, those same persons and businesses now seek Mediation Inc’s services prior to litigation in order to achieve workable solutions and to save money, time, and working or personal relationships.

Andy Little, a firm founder, is now the sole shareholder in Mediation Inc. He is widely known in NC as a court system innovator, an engaging educator, an author with a national audience, and an effective mediator. He conducts the firm’s certified mediation training for those who wish to become certified mediators and conducts Advanced CLE courses for lawyers, mediators, and other professionals who wish to hone their negotiation skills.

Andy has mediated over 6,200 legal disputes and continues to mediate full time in State and Federal courts in a wide range of subject matter disputes. Those areas include, but are not limited to the following:

Administrative Law Health Care
Business & Corporations Medical/Dental Malpractice
Class actions Professional Negligence
Construction Zoning and land use
Contracts Motor vehicle/Personal injury
Employment Products liability
Environmental Workers Compensation
Family & Divorce Insurance
Collections Property/Real estate
Personal injury Wills/Estates
Patents School Board Budget Disputes

Although mediation and mediation training form the bulk of Andy’s work in the field of Dispute Resolution, he is often chosen to be an Arbitrator of civil, business, and family disputes. He has been the sole Arbitrator in negligence cases involving personal injury and property damage, in cases involving construction disputes, and in family cases involving the distribution of marital property. He has served most often as a member of a panel of three in cases involving underinsured motorist claims, usually as the so-called “neutral” who is chosen by the other two Arbitrators.

Andy understands the need consumers of arbitration services have for a fair and efficient arbitration process, and he is prepared to work with counsel to design an arbitration process that is both cost efficient and appropriate for the size and type of the claim.  Mediation Inc’s administrative fees are reasonable and more than competitive in the field.

We invite you to discuss selecting Andy as a Mediator or Arbitrator in your dispute. He can be reached by phone at 919 967-6611 or by email at