Family & Divorce Mediation and Arbitration

Few things are more stressful in a person’s life than a divorce, particularly to the children of divorce.  That is one reason why the first court-ordered mediation program in the State was implemented in child custody and visitation cases.  Mediation in that program occurs early in the life of a custody dispute and is conducted by court employees who mediate these disputes daily.

The other issues in divorce are mostly monetary in nature, although it is a fact of life that these “monetary disputes” are intensely personal and, therefore, difficult to resolve.  These cases beg for resolution; because, until they are tried or settled, divorcing persons do not know how to plan for their new lives and take care of their children. They remain anxious about their futures.

All cases involving the distribution of marital property (Equitable Distribution) in our District Courts are now ordered to mediation.   The policy behind that effort is to achieve an early resolution and to reduce the turmoil that a trial of these issues produces.  Other financial issues (child and spousal support) may be added to the negotiations that occur in the Equitable Distribution mediation if the couple agree, so that all financial issues may be dealt with in one mediation.

Andy Little led the effort to require mediation in these types of cases.  Family law was a significant part of his law practice in which he tried and settled many family financial disputes. He has had extensive training in family mediation and now trains others to mediate this type of dispute as well.

While the use of mediation is generally recommended to the parties for the resolution of most family issues in divorce, there are instances in which the parties find Arbitration to be more cost effective and more efficient than mediation. In that case, the parties and their attorneys usually seek the services of an attorney to hear and decide the complex financial issues existing between the parties. Andy has mediated and arbitrated a variety of family disputes, and is prepared to assist you with those matters should you seek his services.

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