Mediation in The Office of Administrative Hearings

Many State Agencies are charged with developing and implementing regulations for businesses, farming operations, and individual citizens as authorized by the General Assembly. They are also charged with developing and carrying out procedures for the enforcement of those regulations through investigatory activities that may result in the imposition of fines and penalties. Decisions made by state agencies may be appealed and heard in an organization called the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH).

The OAH is a separate agency of administrative law judges (ALJs) who hear appeals from decisions of State agencies.  The subject matter of the hearings depends on the subject matter handled by the agency and is as wide ranging as personnel disputes from the Department of State Personnel to soil and erosion penalties from the Department of Environmental Quality.

Because the hearings often involve complicated and technical matters, the time required to fully hear those matters can be extensive.  So, in the early 1990s, the General Assembly authorized a mandatory mediation program within the OAH that is similar to the mandatory mediation program in Superior Court cases. It continues today as a routine part of the life of the case in the OAH.

Andy Little has extensive experience in mediating appeals in the OAH and welcomes your inquiries about assisting you with mediation services in these cases. 

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