Pre-Litigation: Before You Sue

Pre-Litigation Mediation

In 1991 the North Carolina General Assembly decided to mandate mediation in the district courts of North Carolina for disputes between marital partners involving division of jointly held property, the payment of child support, and the payment of spousal support if needed.

Increasingly, businesspeople as well as divorcing couples are utilizing mediation as a way of resolving disputes, and their attorneys are suggesting that they try mediation before they incur the time, expense, distraction, or heartache involved in the litigation process. Mediation is now part of the procedure in North Carolina‘s civil courts; and, as a result, most cases are resolved through mediation rather than by trial.

It’s something everyone has to do if they become involved in a lawsuit; so why not do it before a lawsuit is filed?! Why not take control of your dispute and your future and involve a mediator early in your dispute in order to manage it reach resolution?!

A trained and experienced mediator can help you turn an ugly dispute into a problem-solving discussion or turn a bitter battle over money into a civilized and cost effective negotiation. We are ready to help you with that process. Contact us today at 919-967-6611 or

Pre-Litigation Arbitration

Bitter disputes and costly business controversies may settle in mediation. But if they do not, then attorneys or their clients may want to consider trying Arbitration before engaging in the costly and often elongated process called litigation.

The advantages of Arbitration versus litigation are several. They include having a decision maker who knows something about the subject matter of the controversy, using a streamlined and planned discovery process, and conducting hearings on motions and the merits of the case which are scheduled at the convenience of the parties, not a court.

Andy understands the need consumers of arbitration services have for a fair and efficient arbitration process and is prepared to work with counsel to design an arbitration process that is both cost efficient and appropriate for the size of the claim.  Our administrative fees are reasonable and more than competitive in the field.

If you and opposing counsel would like to discuss Andy serving as an Arbitrator in a particular case, do not hesitate to contact him at 919-967-6611 or