Workers Compensation Mediation

All claims filed with the Industrial Commission for workers’ compensation benefits that are contested by the employer are ordered to mediation.  The mediation program of the Commission has been greatly successful in reducing the backlog of compensation cases that existed prior to the program’s implementation. The settlement rate there is over 70%. 

The mediation program also has been successful in involving claimants more closely with their attorneys in the negotiation and settlement of their claims.  Workers who are injured on the job and wind up in litigation with their employer find that mediation is helpful in explaining how the compensation process works and, therefore, helpful in achieving an earlier and acceptable result.

Rules for the mediation program are similar to the Superior Court mediation program, most particularly in the fact that mediators may be chosen by the parties and are private providers of mediation services.

The IC also handles personal injury cases filed under the terms of the State Torts Act, that is, tort claims involving allegations against the State for negligence on the part of a State employee or Agency. All other tort claims not involving the State as a defendant are handled as lawsuits filed and heard in the Superior courts of North Carolina.

Andy Little has extensive experience in mediating workers compensation cases and State Tort Claims and welcomes your inquiries about the process. 

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