6-Hour Introduction to NC Courts

The Dispute Resolution Commission requires that all prospective mediators who are not attorneys take a 6-hour course to prepare you for the legal aspects of court-ordered mediation before you enter the field.

MEDIATION, INC. is an approved trainer by the Dispute Resolution Commission for this course which satisfies the “Introduction to NC Courts” requirement for both the Civil Superior Court Program and the Family & Divorce Program.

The course will include the following topics:

  • North Carolina Court organization
  • Legal terminology
  • Civil Court procedure
  • The attorney-client privilege
  • The unauthorized practice of law
  • Common legal issues arising in Superior Court cases
  • Pre-trial motion practice

Many people have asked if they need to take this course prior to taking a 40-hour training. While completing the 6-hour course before a 40-hour training is not required by the Dispute Resolution Commission, we recommend that you do so if you have not had significant exposure to legal terminology and the North Carolina courts.

Contact us at 919-967-6611 or schedule@mediationincnc.com to be notified when this course is next scheduled.