Certified Civil Superior Court Mediation Training

  • LEARN Negotiation and Mediation Theory and Process.
  • PARTICIPATE in Small Group Discussion and Simulated Mediations.
  • OBSERVE Experienced Mediators Conducting Settlement Conferences.
  • DEVELOP Skills in Mediation Communication, Negotiation, and Facilitation.

This training is offered 4 times each year in either Charlotte or Raleigh, NC.

This civil court/commercial mediation training course is certified by the NC Dispute Resolution Commission under Rule 8 as the basis for certification as a Superior Court mediator. The certification as a Superior Court mediator is the basis for certification for all other, non-family mediation programs in the State and Federal courts in North Carolina, in Workers’ Comp cases, and cases in the Office of Administrative Hearings.

More importantly, this training is simply the best training anywhere in the country for civil trial court, business, and commercial mediation. The several thousand who have attended in the past 25+ years can testify to their improved skill in negotiations and in their newfound skills as mediators.

Among our alumni are insurance company claims representatives, lawyers, corporate human resource personnel, real estate agents and brokers, psychiatrists, counselors, accountants, business executors, medical surgeons, and even surveyors. If you would like to speak with our students from your area or from anywhere in North Carolina about their appraisal of our training, please contact Shannon Manoogian at 919-967-6611 or schedule@mediationincnc.com.

Civil trial court mediation has a bad name in some circles within the national mediation community. It is often called “evaluative” and “directive” because of the way in which some lawyers and judges conduct their mediations. This course will demonstrate that mediation does not have to be a directive process even when it’s conducted in the context of civil litigation. In fact, our lead trainer, Andy Little, has contributed to the theory and practice of mediation by developing an array of techniques and understandings that enable mediators to remain facilitative in the context of attorney-driven, money-dominated negotiations. This work is set out in detail in his book, Making Money Talk, which was published by the American Bar Association.

  • Certified Civil Superior Court Mediation Training in Charlotte, NC – January 23-27, 2023

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  • Certified Civil Superior Court Mediation Training in Raleigh, NC – May 8 – 12, 2023

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  • CONFLICT RESOLUTION THEORY: Coping with Conflict, Making up and Changing our minds
  • NEGOTIATION THEORY AND PRACTICE: Positional and Interest Based Bargaining
  • MODELS OF THE MEDIATION PROCESS: Facilitating Traditional Bargaining, Joint Problem Solving, and Understanding Among the Parties
  • INTERPERSONAL DYNAMICS IN MEDIATION: Perception and Memory, Communication and Problem Solving Skills
  • MEDIATION ETHICS AND STANDARDS OF CONDUCT: Maintaining Neutrality, Confidentiality, and Self Determination by the disputing parties.
  • MEDIATING IN THE LEGAL CONTEXT: Statutes and Rules in the State and Federal Trial Courts
  • PRACTICING MEDIATION SKILLS: In an interactive setting with Superior Court-type cases.