Joseph E. Johnson
This program was the best of any sort in a single course or seminar that I have attended from undergraduate and graduate school through Harvard and Dartmouth Business School seminars and other meetings and seminars worldwide, including—I might add on reflection—those programs I have conducted alone or jointly with other professors. Andy Little is the best presenter of this complex and varied material with various styles and formats that I can imagine. His participation not only as the lead instructor, but also as a coach was a great contribution to the quality of this program.
Tiffani W. Greene
Andy Little is an extraordinary professional. His mastery of the mediation process and his command of the nuances of his craft are wonderful to watch.
Blair Carr
Engaging, enlightening & powerful! You cannot help but learn the skills of mediation with the caliber of trainers Mediation, Inc. utilizes!
Mitchell A. Wolf
Simply the best course there is. Superior Court Mediation Training will make you a better mediator, arbitrator, lawyer, and person.
Leon H. Corbett, Jr.
This course tells you what mediation really is about. Preconceptions of what a mediator does are gently removed and replaced with a concept of how to help people have a good chance of resolving their differences, and even if they don’t, to have a much better understanding of their issues. But it is much more than that. The course gives insights into relationships and motivations that can be used in a much broader arena than just mediation. And when you consider the amount of CLE credit you get, it is a real bargain.
Alida S. Mason
I highly recommend mediation training to all mental health professionals. Whether or not I choose to become a court mediator, I leave the workshop a better practitioner. I guarantee it will sharpen your communications skills, as well as improve the skills you teach your clients. Invaluable and fun!
James L. Bowman
This training probably is an eye opener for any legal practitioner as to his own negotiating style, strengths and weaknesses and teaches anyone how better to use and participate in a mediation even if the training is never used to begin a mediation practice.