Why Mediation, Inc. for your mediation Training?

Andy Little pioneered mandatory civil trial case mediation in NC. This gives him a unique perspective and authority on the enabling legislation, implementing Rules of the Supreme Court, Standards of Conduct for Certified Mediators, and Advisory Opinions of the NC Dispute Resolution Commission. These are the foundational documents of the court ordered mediation programs in the courts of NC.

As result of participating in Mediation, Inc’s mediation training programs, applicants for certification as certified mediators are grounded in the philosophy of the courts’ mediation programs and the rules and procedures which govern a well-thought-out mediation process.

The training courses of Mediation, Inc are known by former students for:

  • their interactive learning experiences,
  • the fun and excitement of meeting new people and learning new skills,
  • the way in which the skills of the mediator and the models of the mediation process are presented, and
  • the wide range of mediation skills and techniques with which the students are equipped at the end of each session.

Andy believes that mediation training is, first of all, an experience in adult learning. For that reason, lectures are transformed into group discussions in which the experiences of the students are as important and useful as the instruction of the teacher.

Secondly, Andy believes that settlement of a litigated case is a complicated process involving many changes on the part of the participants: about the analysis and value of their case, the range of settlement they think is appropriate, and the proper proposal or counter proposal to make at any given time.

The process of settlement is one of constant information gathering, evaluation, and reevaluation and mind changing about how to settle a dispute or lawsuit.  Andy believes that the role of the mediator in that process is to facilitate the many conversions that lead negotiators to mind opening and, ultimately, to mind changing and settlement.

Andy has always searched for the appropriate way of describing the mediation process to his students.  In his early practice as a mediator, he was particularly aware of and interested in a disconnect between what he learned in his first trainings and the realities of mediations of civil court cases.

As a result of his persistent inquiry about why certain types of monetary disputes resisted settlement through traditional mediation methods, he arrived at a new model of the mediation process for certain litigated cases, personal injury cases for example, that is applicable to monetary disputes in general.

After developing techniques in his own practice to deal with the dynamics of monetary disputes, he authored a book on the subject that was published by the American Bar Association. It has helped mediators the world over to facilitate the settlement of monetary disputes.  That book, Making Money Talk, was the first book in decades to take seriously the dynamics of positional bargaining, teaching mediators and negotiators alike how to prepare for and negotiate the monetary claims in civil litigation.
Whether you intend to become a certified mediator or seek to improve your negotiation skills, you will be thoroughly engaged in Mediation Inc’s courses and prepared for the disputes you mediate or negotiate.

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